If every customer bought more, stayed longer, and referred friends and family, how would your business change?

Your marketing strategy should work harder for you and cost you less cash. We’ll help you sort out your strategy to attract the right kinds of customers using fewer of your valuable resources.

Generating high-quality leads takes a special touch and in-depth customer knowledge. We’ll help you get smarter about your potential customers and set up nurturing paths to help take a high-value lead and turn them into high-value customers. 

Your customers go through a unique buying journey before they open their wallets. We’ll help you get smart about where and how your customers make their purchase decisions and help streamline your purchase process.

Our Marketing Services

A sampling of our services

Customer Persona Creation

Every customer isn’t a profitable customer. We help you find the customer groups that increase your profitability and develop a strategy to get more customers just like them.

Conversion Optimization

We’re pretty good at optimizing the points where potential customers turn into paying customers. No tricks, just straight up conversion tradecraft.

Buyer Journey Mapping

Customers take many different paths before they purchase. We map out your most common and profitable customer journeys to help you maximize your marketing efforts.

Targeted Message Optimization

Delivering the right message, to the right customer, at the right time is key to increasing your sales. We have a proven method to craft messaging that resonates with your most valuable customers.

Personalization Strategies

Carefully crafted and delivered personalization during the buying process can set you apart from your competition and win over the hearts and wallets of your pickiest customers. 

Loyalty & Retention Strategies

We create the bridge between your customers and real, long-term value. When it costs 6 or 7 times the amount of money to convert a new customer, retaining your customers makes good, fiscal sense.

Integrated Marketing Communications

Different marketing channels (email, social media, print ads) require different types of messages to reach your customers. We integrate your message across all channels.

Word of Mouth Programs

It takes a special customer to spread the words about your company. We engage these customers, on their terms and give them the guidance and push to act as your “feet on the street” sales team.



Improving your customers’ experience is in our core nature.

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  • Working with Hunt Interaction was a great experience for us as TaskEasy. Sunny's deep marketing knowledge, unrelenting focus on the customer, and vast experience helped point us in the right direction and was a critical part of launching our company into the forefront of our industry.

    Joe Turner | Co-Founder - TaskEasy
  • Sunny gets connection. She understands how to align the needs of the business with the interests and needs of customers. Her approach is pragmatic and results-driven and her talents fit neatly into the culture of a modern marketing organization.

    Chris Ross | Research Director - Gartner
  • Sunny and her team have a knack for knowing what customers want and the best way to position a company or service to those customers. She is able to jump into a situation, assess it quickly, ask the right questions and assemble an effective, workable solution that gets results. She's always focused on the customer; finding creative ways to reach them, helping to build relationships between the organization and customers and get the revenue rolling through the door.

    Ted Drass | CFO, Athletic Republic
  • Sunny is one of the most professional people I have worked with in a client setting. She is very knowledgeable in her space, and is clear, unambiguous, and specific with regards to project goals. Her sense of humor and firm grasp of real issues while driving profitable products that just work - make her someone I would work with again in a heartbeat.

    Mark Mongie | Director of Design, Entertainment Promotion
  • A no-holds barred marketing guru who is passionate about her work and demands excellence in everything she does. Sunny is a hard worker and is brimming with ideas that would lead and guide the marketing department of any organization. She is a walking brainstorm! I was always impressed at how Sunny could find a solution to just about any challenge, given the tools that were available to her. She is definitely an "A" player.

    Eric Raymond | VP, Product Development - Savvi
  • Sunny is extremely passionate with everything she does. The excitement towards online marketing and every aspect of technology is contagious.

    Josh Aston | Sr. Director, Digital Marketing - Progrexion
  • Sunny is a dedicated professional that has amazing attention to detail and is willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done. She continually sought for better ways to improve not only her own work but those around her as well. I would recommend Sunny for anyone looking for a customer-focused Marketing and eCommerce experience.

    Dale Edman | VP, eCommerce - The Wasserstrom Company
  • Sunny has a passion and drive for marketing and creating a complete user experience with all of her projects. She fights for the consumer and takes meticulous care of their needs and interests. Her organization and industry expertise were so important in the projects we worked on together and genuinely helped to push our team forward. She is caring and compassionate. She goes to any extent to make sure things are taken care of and shows nothing but respect and support.

    Laurel Carnes | UI/UX Designer, Service Repair Solutions

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