we're passionate about your customers

And we thrive on making your buying process ridiculously easy

What makes us unique

Let's face it, marketing consultants are a dime a dozen.

Small by Design

We've chosen to stay small and grow slowly. On purpose.

We commit ourselves to a few, select clients at one time to provide dedicated focus and service.

Strategically focused

Every conversation, plan, and action ties directly to a customer-focused strategy. 

Strategy dictates every action we take on behalf of a client or campaign.

Process oriented

Every client gets a game plan for current and future projects.

Our clients deserve to replicate successes with their internal teams no matter how big or small. 

Customer Obsessed

Your company succeeds when you convince customers to part with their money. 

We're singularly focused on ensuring these transactions happen efficiently and often.

Strategy + Implementation = kick ass results

When you work with us, nothing gets stuck on a dusty shelf.

Marketing consultants have a problem, they produce a lot of strategy documents that never, ever see the light of day. We are not these people.

We work day in and day out to quickly understand your business, get to know your customers' deepest desires and problems, and meld the way you work with the needs of your customers in a mutually and financially beneficial way. We write the strategy (or refine your existing strategy) and get to work bringing it to life.

Already have an in-house marketing team or agency? No problem, we play nice with lots of different people and agencies. We believe there's plenty of room in the sandbox for everyone.

Who's Running this Show, Anyway?

Sunny Hunt

Sunny Hunt - LEAD Customer nerd (Founder)

The nerds shall inherit the Earth, right? I'm good with that.

I founded Hunt Interaction in 2012 because I saw a need. There's a need for a knowledgable, arguably "full stack", marketing consultant who can create a workable, real-world strategy based on a realistic marketing budget, but help implement it as well. Additionally, I saw a need for ethical marketers to rise up and lead the charge to "do better" by their clients and their customers.

This is me picking up that gauntlet and doing by best to "do better" and be a better marketer for my clients. Do Better. Be Better. Exceed Expectations. It's not hard, but it does take dedication and focus.

I've always been intrigued by the customer puzzle - how to get customers to buy more and stick around longer and I've crafted a 15+ year marketing career solving this puzzle for different companies and industries.

I'm eager to do solve it for your company. Let's chat.

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