We’re Passionate About Your Customers

and we thrive on making your customers’ buying process ridiculously easy

Customers buy from you because they believe you can help them solve a problem, a problem that is personal to them.

When you illustrate how your company solves customer problems you move from a sterile transaction to a *human* interaction. From here you can start a conversation and build trust in your company and your products.

Understanding the role emotions play in your customers’ buying decisions allows you to extract real, long-term value from your customers.


Small, Nimble, and Focused


We’ve chosen to stay small and grow slowly. On purpose.

We commit ourselves to a few select clients at a time to provide dedicated focus.


Every conversation, plan, and action ties directly to a customer-focused strategy. 

Strategy dictates every action we take on behalf of our clients.


Every client gets a game plan for current and future projects.

Our clients deserve to replicate successes no matter how big or how small.


Your company will thrive based on your customers’ willingness to convert and stick around.

To say that we’re “all customers, all the time” isn’t too far of a stretch. 

Symbiotic Characteristics

Relationships are too important to leave to chance (and no one likes to work with jerks)


Helpful & Collaborative. We believe in bringing value to your company. Working side by side, we can create real-world solutions that work for your company and your most profitable customers.

Humility & Experience. We have opinions and the experience to back them up. We’re committed to a consistent path of learning about your company and your customers, asking tons of insightful (and also dumb) questions along the way.

A Neutral Perspective. We’re dedicated to helping you craft and ask critical questions of your company and your customers and put a plan in place to help you reach your top goals. 


CEO & Founder

I launched Hunt Interaction to bridge the widening gap between customers and companies, to help businesses get past the faceless names and logos that customers associate with marketing.

In the past, no one was looking out for the customer and not much attention was given to giving them great experiences. Time and time again, existing customers were ignored or pushed down the prioritization list in favor of higher cost, lower ROI acquisition activities like SEO, PPC and Affiliate Marketing. It made absolutely no sense to me. Why wasn’t more love and attention given to the customers these companies had already paid to acquire?

I’ve spent over 15 years acting as an advocate for the customer (both in my personal and professional lives). I always ask myself, “What about the customers? How are we making their lives easier or better? How can we make this experience better for both the customer AND the company?”

This is me, picking up the gauntlet and doing it different, doing it better.

I’ve made it my personal mission to work to continually improve the working relationship between companies and customers,  increasing the value of both to each other.


Our team is small, nimble and dedicated to specific client projects.


A dedicated team of research specialists who analyze customer behavior, analytics, and aid with demographic and psychographic segmentation projects.


This team plots and schemes to get the right message in front of the right customer, in the right channel, at the right time.


A team of self-described “geeks” and “nerds”, these guys troubleshoot and mold your technology into an easy-to-use experience for your users.


More “moral support” than helper, Beck’s the perfect example of why we DON’T trust interns with client projects (see also: no thumbs).


You have questions, we have answers

Who is Hunt Interaction’s ideal client?

Our most successful client is an established company that exhibits three key behaviors:

  1. They obsess over their customers. They love their customers and want them to be excited and happy about the product or service they’re buying. 
  2. Aggressively Adaptive. Our ideal clients are ready and willing to make changes to their business in order to prepare them for rapid growth or metric leaps in their level of customer knowledge. 
  3. Recognize the value of marketing. Our most successful clients don’t think about Marketing as an afterthought. They understand that Marketing is more than just making pretty ads, that good and great marketing is a combination of art, science, and data and the right marketing can make their business exponentially more efficient and allow them to grow at the pace they want.

Do you work with small businesses?

Depends on what your definition of Small Business is.

Our best work is generated when we work with clients who have $3-$200M in Gross Revenue. Some have marketing teams and some don’t, we work equally well with both.

Do you work with startups?

Sometimes, but usually only in an advisory capacity.

Startups are tricky beasts. Fast paced, endlessly creative, fiercely passionate, we love all these things about startups.

Sometimes startups can be more focused on fundraising and immediate returns vs. the long-term picture which makes our long-range working philosophy tough to negotiate from a tactical perspective.

*we also don’t work for equity

Do you help with Affiliate marketing?

Not really.

We focus primarily on your customers and providing them great purchasing experiences on-site and in-store. Will we work with your affiliate teams to ensure that consistency and message integration? Absolutely, but we believe in sticking to what we do best instead of being all things to all people.

Here’s a list of the marketing activities we DON’T do (if you absolutely have to have these things, we can make great referrals for you):

  • Affiliate marketing
  • App development
  • Broadscale marketing (TV, Radio)
  • Social Media management – we can help with the strategy, but we don’t specialize in execution.

How much does it cost to do business with Hunt Interaction?

We’re more expensive than using your brother’s roommate (who happened to take a marketing class in college).

We’re less expensive than a corporate consultancy or a Bugatti Chiron.

We aren’t the cheapest option but you get what you pay for and we’ve cleaned up enough “cheap marketing” work to know how dangerous the lowest cost option is to your business.

We tailor every engagement specifically to our clients’ needs, budget, and don’t add any markups for consultants or subject matter experts that aren’t warranted. Our clients aren’t our “lotto ticket” to manage expensive overhead.

Do you offer pre-defined marketing packages?

Cookie cutters are good for baking and craft projects, not marketing and certainly not your company.

We respect our clients and their unique qualities. We will not shoehorn anyone into a pre-defined package (that’s ultimately only designed to line the pockets of the people offering the packages).

Is there any kind of business you WON’T work with?

We won’t work with Network Marketing, Direct Selling, or MLM companies (all the same flavor of the same business model).

Typically, these companies aren’t set up for long-term success or providing real value to the end-consumer. It’s not our cuppa joe.

Do you answer RFP’s or will you pitch my company?

No. We believe in having conversations about your business, your goals and how we might get you to a place you want to go.

Spending hours answering questions in a .pdf or putting together a proposal filled with free work, isn’t in our company DNA.

How will we know if Hunt Interaction is a good fit for us?

Picking the right marketing consultant is an individual decision.

Sometimes we’re a good fit based on your company’s goals and the services we offer, and sometimes we simply won’t “click”. That’s part of being human. 

We believe life is too short to voluntarily work with jerks. We also believe our clients should receive demonstrated value when they hire us. We do our best to clearly set and meet expectations and be as open and honest as we can.

How do we start working with Hunt Interaction?

After we have our initial conversations we’ll put together a proposal for you.

New clients will always get a fixed bid for a fixed scope project. This way we can determine if we like working with each other and if you get the value you need out of a relationship with us.

Existing clients can operate in a number of different ways

  • Fixed Project – for projects with a definable scope.
  • Retainer – a number of hours per month reserved specifically for you and your company.
  • Ongoing Open Hourly (time and materials).

Have More Questions?

Perfect! We have more answers.

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