Why You Shouldn’t Hire a Marketing Consultant

Hire marketing consultant

Marketing is an essential part of your company you can’t, and shouldn’t ignore. It literally, drives the dollars coming through the front door. Your company may have DIY’ed your marketing to a certain point, or you may have worked with an agency in the past but felt that you weren’t getting the most out of a relationship. Or, your in-house marketing staff may be too young or simply overloaded and the time has come to bring in some outside marketing help.

Colleagues and friends may be quick to throw you business cards and referrals for marketing consultants but is a marketing consultant the right fit for your company? Will you get the biggest bang for your marketing buck by hiring a marketing consultant?

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How to Improve Your Voice of Customer Program


You probably think you’ve got a good handle on what your customers think of your company and products with your Voice of Customer program. You send out a regular survey, compile the responses, and look at the consolidated results.

Whoa, hold up a second. Are you basing ALL of your customer feedback on a survey? You’re not alone, but there’s a better way to get a goldmine of legit, customer feedback.

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Questions to Ask Before Hiring Outside Marketing Help

hire-marketing-agency (1)

There comes a time in every business, whether you’re a small mom and pop business or a Fortune 500 company when you need help with marketing. You may look for a marketing agency or consultant because you don’t know where to go to help your business grow or your company may want a fresh look at what you’re doing and your staff is either too entrenched in what they’re currently doing, or they’re just too busy to fragment their attention. It’s a natural part of doing business.

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A Startup Founder Loveletter (don’t forget about the people)

Startup Loveletter

Startups, I love you guys. You have so much passion and enthusiasm, and you’re hell-bent on changing the world, or at least the industry you’re in. I love you like nobody’s business, and if one of you would create a viable cloning machine so I could be in two places at once and crush my productivity goals I would probably empty my 401k, personal savings, and maybe even sell a kidney to fund the shit out of that.

As a startup, you’re (hopefully) experiencing massive growth but along with that growth comes a heaping mass of changes, and if there’s one universal truth about startups it’s that you’re all moving at lightning speed.

But the growth, changes, and speed don’t give you license to ignore key areas of your business.

As a marketing consultant I’ve worked with more than a handful of startups, been asked to  invest in them, and before I started Hunt Interaction, I worked in the startup trenches for a time. I’ve seen startups rise and fall and I’m privy to many of their “inner workings.”

There are many factors that contribute to the life or death of a startup but focusing on the people, the inter-personal workings part of the startup equation is something that’s easy to overlook.

It’s easy to work IN your business - getting caught up in the small day-to-day stuff; it’s harder to work ON your business.

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Natural Disaster Marketing 101

When a natural disaster strikes, one of the first things to happen is the 24-hour news cycle clogs the airwaves with stories of total misery and destruction, usually with specialized theme music and graphics. These hand-wringing, anxiety-inducing stories choke the airwaves for about 24-48 hours before and during a natural disaster.

Hurricane Matthew News Graphic
In the 72 hours that follow, the stories of human grit and perseverance fill the spaces in an attempt to frame the situation as “all better” and “life is good.” It’s the “Tragedy Formula,” or emotional manipulation, whichever you’d like to call it, and marketers know this. 

From the first whiff of a natural disaster, Marketers get to work and think, “How can I take advantage of this situation? How can I sell more of my stuff and is there any customer loyalty or good PR vibes to get out of this situation?”

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Brand Awareness Won’t Ring the Register


Isn’t it awesome, when everybody knows your name? You’re getting the word out, creating some buzz, and everybody’s talking about you—but your company still has serious cash flow issues. You’re getting the attention you want, but no one is buying

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[Video] The Content Planning Big Picture


“Creating content is the latest greatest, thing in marketing and creating tons of content will do great things for your business and crush your competition!!!” Say all the marketing gurus.

Anyone paying attention to these “gurus” assumes that your team must stop what they’re doing and CREATE ALL THE CONTENT!

Whoa, not so fast. Take a breath and refocus.

What happens when you create content that your customers can’t relate to and, worse, don’t even pay attention to?

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The Hidden Dangers of Buyer Personas


Your customers are in the driver’s seat today, of that there is no doubt. There is more choice more access than in any time in our economic history.

This customer choice and control presents new and herculean challenges to marketers. Understanding who your customers are and how you speak to them in an engaging way is the forefront of modern marketing.

Enter the buyer’s persona.
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[Video] Content Marketing: Do You Really Know Your Audience?


Creating content for your audience is sometimes forgotten when you have an agenda to push and goals to reach. Understanding your audience, their values, what attracts them and where they view or read your content, is the key to engagement. Make your content valuable to your audience.

When you make content about your audience (and not about you) you create a relationship and trust. It’s the first step in getting potential customers to hand over their cash.

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[Video] Insights On Content Strategy


Content Strategy, it’s a part of your marketing that is sometimes overlooked and neglected. The content you produce makes your customers smarter about your company and the products you produce. Your content engages your customers with information that’s helpful and also tells your customers who you are and the values you have in common with your customers.  Your content even helps potential customers make buying decisions before they ever look at your checkout process. That’s pretty powerful.

I took part in a roundtable discussion about content strategy and how marketers can best use content to help drive their businesses and make a real impact in their companies and with their customers. There’s good stuff in the video

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