Customer experience is a multi-faceted beast and there isn't one single solution that works for every business. We respect and focus on meeting and exceeding the goals of our client partners. The work below represents a wide sampling of the actual results we've generated for companies we've worked with. 

Fixing a Sinking Conversion Rate After a Website Redesign

A national online weight loss business underwent a website redesign and released the revised site *without* conversion testing. The result was a plummeting conversion rate and they needed a fix to their conversion rate yesterday

Speaking Your Customers’ Language Lifts Conversions

TaskEasy™ is an early-stage startup in the home maintenance industry. They developed a technologically savvy and commoditized response to an industry that still relies on an “old school” way of ordering and delivering home maintenance services (lawn mowing, snow clearing, holiday light installation and house cleaning). They redesigned their ordering process hoping to increase conversions but the company, filled with extremely smart and technically minded folks, was lacking a way to connect with potential customers.

Emotional Targeting Strategy Pays Off

An affiliate business was falling short on revenue and customer acquisition targets for a home security vertical. They needed to find more qualified and motivated customers while outselling their competition. Their SEO efforts were in transition due to a disconnect between their SEO strategy and changes in Google's search algorithm, they needed to find a more reliable and stable method to acquire new customers.

Solving Short-Term Revenue Issues With a Promotion

A vacation rental business needed to make up a short-term revenue shortfall for their mountain vacation rental vertical.

Restructuring a Website Platform to Meet Customer Needs

A vacation rental business offered properties in many geographic areas and countries and, in the recent past, acquired a handful of smaller vacation rental businesses. They started the consolidation process of all the websites under a parent brand with the “if we consolidate, the customers will come” assumption. The customers didn't come. The anticipated increase in bookings and revenue didn't either.

Boost Conversion with Segmented Experiences

After cleaning up their customer database, a leading contact lens retailer needed to get more sophisticated with their approach to marketing to different types of customers. Over 40% of their growing customer base had purchased from them more than once. They needed to get smart about making the ordering experience better for these customers, and quick.