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An ADT affiliate business was falling short on revenue and customer acquisition targets. They needed to find more qualified and motivated customers while outselling their competition.

Their SEO efforts were in transition due to a disconnect between their SEO strategy and changes in Google’s search algorithm, they needed to find a more reliable and stable method to acquire new customers.



We started with an evaluation on their current targeting methods, marketing channels and results. We then did a rough segmentation on customers, measuring their success rates of purchase and channels that drove the most successful customers.

The affiliate business felt the home security brand they were selling was superior to the other brands on the market. We recommended creating a dedicated online property for the comparison of home security services to demonstrate the superiority of the product and act as a reference point for potential customers. This recommendation was a longer-term (6 months – 1 year) strategy as this would require not only affiliate sign-off but approval from the brand.

We also recommended incorporating marketing efforts and campaigns with seasonal trends and shifts and aligning them with the product, avoiding other brand competitors who saturated other seasonal markets with ads and focusing on specific seasons such as back to school, summer vacations, etc. We also recommended a focused content strategy focusing on positive feelings of security and technological superiority of the product instead of subtle fear-based tactics.


  • Increase of 29% in sales from the SEO channel and overall, [confidential] lift in revenue.

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