Fix It Fast Conversion Audit

Every Quarter Your Customer Conversion Goals Get Harder to Reach

Fix It Fast Conversion Audit is a custom assessment & action plan to help:

  • Increase conversion rates
  • Increase customer retention
  • Overcome potential customer objections
  • Reduce perceived switching costs

Fix it Fast will help guide your time and money to your #1 most important company goal.

It provides step-by-step instructions to fix what’s not working well in your sales funnel, optimize your marketing budget, and take advantage of every customer opportunity that lands on your website.

Fix it Fast

Fix It Fast Takes 3 Short Weeks to Complete

Three short weeks to dig through your conversion and customer data, align it to your business objectives, and deliver a step-by-step plan to convert more customers. 

Fix it Fast is the easiest and fastest way to work with a highly-qualified and experienced marketing consultant. It combines lightning-fast customer insight research, a conversion rate optimization audit, 1:1 consulting, and a prioritized marketing plan to help you convert more customers, fast.

Fix it Fast isn’t a plan that looks great on paper but winds up being impossible to implement. The delivered audit and plan lean on the resources you have today (not the resources you wish you had).

The recommendations are based in the real-world and prioritized so you can accomplish your biggest and easiest wins, first.

Fix it Fast Conversion Audit

You Know Your Conversion Rate Should Be Higher, and You're Not Alone.

Only 22% of companies are satisfied with their conversion rate

Fix it Fast ties your current marketing efforts to your company goals and gives you a unique, prioritized list of marketing projects to focus on first.

Fix it Fast is designed to jump start your customer conversion efforts and provide a customer-focused action plan to continue your wins.

...even if you already have a marketing plan, a marketing agency, or a Rockstar marketing team in place.

How Fix It Fast Works

Week 1 - Scope & Research

Scope and Research
  • 30-Minute Kickoff Video Call - We'll review your goals and biggest challenges
  • You sign off on a scope document delivered after the call
  • You give view-only access to your Google Analytics account and other tools
  • Week 2 - Biggest Opportunities

    Fix it Fast Biggest Opportunities
    • 45-Minute Touch-point Video Call - We'll review your biggest opportunities for optimizing your conversion rate.

    • You can ask questions and focus the research in a specific area. You'll get the video call for future reference.

    Week 3 - Action Plan Delivery

    Fix it Fast Action Plan
    • 45-Minute Presentation Video Call - We'll review customer insights and a prioritized list of action items for you and your team to tackle.

    • You'll get a digital "hard copy" of the discoveries and revenue-focused action item list.
    • We can discuss options and resources available for help with implementation. 

    Bonus Additional Consulting Hours (Included)

    Additional Consulting Hours
    • You get two (2) additional hours of consulting or discussion about your goals or action items included with your Fix It Fast Audit.
    • You get exclusive calendar access to schedule 2 (2), one-hour blocks within six months of your audit delivery.

    How Much Does this Conversion Magic Cost?

    The Fix it Fast Conversion Audit is $4997

    ($2498 to start and $2499 when your final assessment and action plan are ready)

    A Few Fix It Fast Results

    SprintRay Case Study
    Reached 322.83% of their Kickstarter revenue goal.
    Medifast Case Study
    12.5% increase in new customer conversion rate.
    Promontory Club Case Study
    Validated marketing strategy for their board of directors.

    Ted Drass

    Maschoff Brennan

    "Sunny has a knack for knowing what customers want and the best way to position a company or service to those customers. She's able to jump into a situation, assess it quickly, ask the right questions and assemble an effective, workable solution that gets results."

    Fix it Fast

    Fix It Fast Guarantee

    Everyone wants to make a smart investment

    If you’re not happy with the results of your Fix it Fast audit and don’t feel you can reasonably implement the recommendations, don’t pay the final installment payment of $2500.

    The only catch is you must tell me at the end of our week two call that you’re not interested in moving forward and we’ll end the engagement.

    The knowledge delivered in the Biggest Opportunities video call is yours to keep but you won't receive the final action item plan or additional consulting hours.

    "Shhhh... Less talk, more work"

    Let's Get to Work and Fix Your Conversion Rate

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is Fix It Fast a marketing plan?
    Not exactly.

    Fix it Fast provides you with the biggest, critical piece of information you need to max your marketing budget and increase your conversion rates. This is typically the cornerstone of a broader marketing plan.

    Fix It Fast is a set of instructions or a to-do list, which helps you develop and open the path to profitable transactions with your customers, customized for your unique business.

    I’ve seen audits before, and they suck. Why is Fix It Fast better?
    The lion's share of “audits” and outsourced “marketing plans” out there aren't good. A lot of them suck because they aren't tailored to your goals and your business.

    Here’s the crucial point where these well-intended plans fail, every single time: Consultants and companies who don't know what it takes to run a business in the real world create them and they lean on cookie-cutter outlines to generate marketing plans.

    Typically, overpaid consultants generate these documents and these guys usually haven't worked in the day-to-day trenches, and they fail to understand the difference between:

    • the work that has to get done to keep the ship afloat
    • the work that moves the business forward
    • and the internal pressure to find the time and resources do both equally well.

    Fix it Fast is designed to be used today. Not put on a shelf for tomorrow.

    Why did you break up the payments?
    Even people with the best of intentions get cold feet. It happens. This is an easy out that doesn't result in hurt feelings or lawyers.

    Is this a marketing silver bullet like growth hacking?
    One of the irresponsible lies some consultants sell is that success can be yours, overnight (if you hire them).

    Building a company filled with customers who love your company, convert like crazy, and advocate on your behalf takes time and effort, but there are meaningful shortcuts you can take if you’re willing to focus and prioritize. All Fix it Fast offers is the unique customer insight you need and the game plan to execute against.

    Can’t you go faster than three weeks?
    Honestly, three weeks is pushing it. I take the time that’s needed to research your ideal customer  and what it’s going to take to get them to become a real-world customer.

    Researching who your ideal customer is, why they buy, where they come from, and the words they use to describe a problem that your product will help them solve takes time. These golden nuggets of customer intel are worth the time required for research.

    Will you show me how to maximize my Facebook ads to take my business to the next level?

    If you're looking for a social media audit, you won't find it here. 

    Fix it Fast focuses on the on-site conversion process, not how you’re driving traffic to it. Once you understand what resonates with your customers, you can take this information and use it to inform other acquisition channels like Facebook.

    Is this a cookie cutter solution - like Mad Libs for customer conversion?
    Oh, hell no.

    Every business is unique, even if you’re industry is swarming with competitors. I respect and honor the unique aspects of your business and helping you become the 800 lb. gorilla in your space.

    Every Fix it Fast audit is unique and customized to your business, your customers, your goals.

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