Kickoff Project Ideas


(small-investment, high-return marketing projects)

It’s pretty common to search for marketing help, browse a consultant's website (*waves hello*) and think,
Wow, one day we’d like to work with these guys to help us out with our marketing projects, but I'm just not sure how we’d work together. Where would we even start?"

marketing consultant project ideas

Every new client engagement starts with a fixed-cost, fixed-scope project. 

The list below includes some of the initial projects completed for clients.
Traffic Source Checkup


Get an action plan to turn traffic into sales by increasing your conversion rate. This is a high-level assessment of channel-specific traffic and actionable insights about your existing customers, potential customers, and opportunity to obtain golden nuggets of customer information you can use in future marketing campaigns. It's the fastest, easiest way to prioritize your upcoming list of marketing projects.

real-world, data-driven customer personas

Everyone in your company needs a clear understanding of the different types of customers who buy from your company, how to overcome their objections to purchase, and understand how they use your product. Wrench the persona project away from your Creative Director. The strategically-limited number of personas generated will be infused with with real-world data, valuable insights, and create value for everyone in your company who deals with customers.

Data-driven personas
Value Proposition


Potential customers need a clear understanding of how your product or service will help them and why they should give you their money. This is not a list of your product features. Get your value proposition right and it will influence all of the other customer-facing content you create for your company.


Remarketing campaigns are a great way to recapture the attention of potential customers and get that valuable second-chance to turn them into active customers. They're also a big source of wasted money because of the multitude of "levers" you can pull and push. Starting with your campaigns setup, moving to message matching between your display ads and landing pages and you'll get a list of specific, easy-to-implement changes that will save you cash and help increase your customer conversion or recapture rate.

Remarketing Tune-Up
Zombie Marketing - Dead Customer Re-engagement

Zombie marketing plan (reactivation of dead and abandoned users)

Reactivating customers who've left is tricky. Research, corrective action, and communication can aid in recapturing the attention and persuading former customers or even inactive customers to return and open their wallets and purses again. Get a step-by-step plan for reaching out and bringing these customers back into the fold.

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