boost your conversion rate

Turn & Burn Conversion Services

Quick fix solutions for your most pressing conversion rate optimization problems.

When you absolutely, positively need to increase your conversion rate, NOW

  • No long-term contracts
  • No extended research projects
  • No weeks-long wait for deliverables
  • Plug & Play Conversion-Focused Assets

    If you're a growing service company and your to-do list is longer than you care to admit. 

    Hiring out some of the "important" but less urgent projects is a smart way to reach your revenue goals.

    Quick Turn Around

    Get the sales assets you need for your business in about 3-5 business days.

    Use Existing Research

    Skip the in-depth research that takes weeks or months. Simply answer questions based on what you already know about your customers.

    No Retainer Contracts

    No lengthy due diligence required. Agreements cover individual projects.

    "You have a magic wand?"

    Nope. Just a ton of experience.

    Hi, I'm Sunny Hunt. My superpower is understanding your prospective customers and getting them to open their wallets and purses.

    I create compelling copy and UX for your prospects. I create conversion-focused assets that deliver:

    • Empathetic messages that match traffic sources, prospect decision-making, and product offers.
    • Value propositions that match prospect needs.
    • Clear, believable, and attractive calls to action.
    Sunny Hunt - Turn and Burn
    Sunny Hunt Turn and Burn intro

    Turn & Burn - Custom Sales Page

    Delivered in about 3 business days

    Perfect for you if:

    • You've revised your product offer
    • You need a control page for a campaign
    • "Urgent" rules your task list and important items linger
    Turn and Burn Custom Sales Page

    What's Included

    Sales Copy

    Copy and paste ready (Google Docs or Word)


    User experience (UX) designed with a conversion-first focus


    A step-by-step walkthrough of your wireframe

    How it works

    • Pay for your sales page
    • Spend about 15 minutes answering questions about your product, offer, and customers
    • Get your sales page and video walk-through in about 3 business days

    Turn & Burn - Custom Email Series

    Delivered in about 5 business days

    Improve your revenue position

    Use a conversion-focused 7-email series.

    • Move passive subscribers to active buyers
    • Onboard new customers and increase retention
    • Test the efficacy of new offers and products - find the right message at the right time for customer cohorts
    Turn and Burn Custom Email Sequence

    What's Included

    Email Copy

    Copy & paste ready (Google Docs or Word)

    Timing Map

    Know when to send each email


    A step-by-step explanation of your sequence

    How it works

    • Pay for your email series
    • Spend about 15 minutes answering questions about your product, offer, and customers
    • Get your 7-series copy, timing map, and video walk-through in about 5 business days.

    Need a conversion boost for your existing marketing assets?

    Discover your biggest opportunities to improve your conversion rate and increase your revenue. 

    Fix It Fast Conversion Audits are available for your sales funnels and landing pages