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Knock a Lingering Sales Page Task off Your To-Do List

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If you’re a growing service company and you need a landing or sales page created or re-written with a conversion optimization lens, this service is for you.

3 Business Days


The Turn and Burn Sales Page Is Perfect for You If:

  1. You've recently revised your offer
  2. You need a control page for an upcoming campaign
  3. "Urgent" rules your task list and there's little time for the important stuff
  4. You're spinning your wheels and need a neutral third-party 
Fix it Fast Conversion Audit

What Kind of Magic Is Used to Pull This Audit Together?

It’s not magic. It’s experience. 

I have over 20 years of experience in conversion optimization

(user experience, analytics, conversion copywriting, customer research, etc.).

Hi, I'm Sunny Hunt. I run the show over here.

My  superpower is understanding your prospective customers and knowing what it takes to get them to open their wallets and purses.

I put myself in your visitor’s shoes and create compelling copy and layouts for your prospects. I focus my time and attention answering questions like:

  • Does the page open with an empathetic message that matches the traffic source, what the prospect is thinking, and a compelling business offer? 
  • What is the most attractive value proposition for your prospect?
  • Does the page tell the prospect how it will deliver on the value proposition and is it believable?
  • Is there a clear, believable, and attractive call to action that will result in a conversion?

Converter of Customers
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What's Included

Turn and Burn Video Walk Through
  • Mini customer insight research
  • Wireframed copy (with light SEO optimization)  
  • Formatted text file (Google Docs or Word)
  • Walk-through video + written report

How it Works

Fix it Fast Action Plan
  1. You pay for the audit
  2. You answer some quick questions about your goals, your product, your offer, and your customers
  3. After about 3 business days I provide you with your sales page assets, ready to hand off to your design/development team.

Get Your Sales Page Created

Delivered in About 3 Business Days

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