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Hunt Interaction is Unique


Strategically focused

Every conversation, plan, and action ties directly to a customer-focused strategy. 

Strategy drives every action I take on behalf of a client or campaign.


Process Oriented

Every client gets a game plan for current and future projects.

Clients deserve to replicate successes with their internal teams no matter how big or small.


Your company succeeds when you convince customers to part with their money. 

I'm singularly focused on ensuring these transactions happen efficiently.

Strategy + Implementation = Kick Ass Results

Nothing gets stuck on a dusty shelf.

Marketing consultants have a reputation for producing amazing strategy documents that never, ever, see the light of day. 

I am not your standard-issue marketing consultant who talks a big game but can't deliver when it really counts, with the deliverables that matter the most.

I work quickly to understand your business, get to know your customers' deepest desires and problems, and meld the way you work with the needs of your customers in a mutually beneficial way.

I can craft the strategy *and* bring it to life.

Already have an in-house marketing team or agency? No problem, I play nice with lots of different people and agencies. There's plenty of room in the sandbox for everyone.

Sunny Hunt - Hunt Interaction

Who's Running This Show, Anyway?

Sunny Hunt

Sunny Hunt - CEO

My Customer Kung Fu is strong.

Over my 20+ year digital marketing career, I've combined the benefits of being a natural-born outsider with a customer-centric focus to help companies find, convert, and keep profitable customers.

I've never quite fit in with the crowd, I've always been a little different, a little nerdy, a little opinionated. I'm an empathetic observer, which leaves me free to move between the individual contributor and team player roles.

I've spent years working to solve the customer puzzle, why they engage, why they buy, what makes them stick around longer, and what are the specific triggers that generate referrals. I've developed a unique ability to blend customer insight and conversion optimization strategies, I know what it takes to get customers to open their wallets and purses, and I use this knowledge to help my clients increase their revenue. 

I founded Hunt Interaction in 2012 because I saw a need for experienced and ethical marketing consultants who can create workable, real-world strategies based on a realistic marketing budget, and then roll up their sleeves to implement what they recommend.

If you're looking to make your marketing dollars work harder for your company and if you're tired of working with agencies and consultants who talk big but deliver little in value, we need to chat.

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