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Stop Networking Overload

One Easy Way to Stop Networking Overload

Ever go to a conference or networking event, hand out a crap-ton of business cards and return home only to find your inbox overflowing with random, “Hey buddy, nice to meet you!” emails, automatic subscriptions to their company newsletter and LinkedIn requests from folks you don’t remember meeting? So annoying and time sucking. You’ll spend […]

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Killer Customer Insight

One Killer Way to Boost Customer Insight (and it’s not a survey)

New clients always like to talk about their customer demographics, and I’m eager to hear what kind of insights they’ve acquired about the people who drive their company revenue.I usually ask a few questions about their customer insight research, new customer buying behavior, customer attrition trends, and competitive advantage from the customer’s perspective.Many companies don’t […]

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You’re Spamming Your Customers (and they’re filing a stalking injunction)

When your customers open their inboxes in the mornings are they inundated with emails from your company? Sales emails, promotional emails, loyalty program emails, abandoned cart emails and the all important transactional emails. It’s a lot for a customer to take in and impossible for them to consume. Think you’re immune? When retailers like Nicole […]

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