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Sunny Hunt - Turn and Burn

Hi, I'm Sunny

...and I'm obsessed with your customers (but, in a good way).

I've spent my 20-year career stalking customers. I've learned what makes customers tick and what they want. 

I improve my client's conversion rates by combining qualitative and quantitative customer data, match it to your company goals, and create easy-to-buy experiences. 

I help you find and attract the right kind of customer and encourage them to open their wallets and purses.

My Customer Kung Fu is strong.

How We Work Together

I Use a Proven Conversion Optimization Framework to Hit Your Goals, Fast.

Conversion Optimization Framework

Let me break it down..


Understand Your Business Goals

I can't help you hit a target if I don't know what we're shooting for.


Research (Find Your Profitable Customers)

If you sell books but your customers want a romance novel - giving them a manual on how to fix their 1973 VW Beetle isn't going to get them to convert.


Create & Validate Your Marketing Strategy

Don't have one? I'll create one. Already have one? I'll make sure it's doable with the resources you have and the goals you have to meet.


Activate & Optimize Conversion Strategies

From creating magnetic copy to improving your website usability so it's conversion-friendly, and measuring the improvements over time, this is where the magic comes to life.


Test, Improve, and Retain

There's always room for improvement. I'll take a look at your website traffic, website offers, copy, and existing customers to make sure they're all in sync - if not, I can recommend strategies or help you implement A/B testing, retention programs, and even help you turn your existing customers into an unpaid referral army.

Ways to Work Together

Fix it Fast - 

Conversion Audit

Fixed Cost. Fixed Scope.

The ideal solution when you're pressed for time but need an action plan to lift your conversion rate.

A great option - even if you already work with an agency or have an overworked marketing team.

Conversion Optimization Retainer

Dedicated Monthly Effort

Not sure what you need but you know you need help beyond just a few pages on your website?

A retainer provides dedicated time and specialized efforts to boost your conversion rate. Requires an initial fixed cost, fixed scope project.


Kung Fu

Ultimate Conversion DIY

Ready to roll up your sleeves and get smarter about how to improve your own conversion rate?

These online courses are ideal if you want to learn how optimize your conversion rate.

Coming soon.

Looking for a Cheaper, Faster, No Contract Required, Conversion Optimization Solution?

I got you.

Fix it Fast - 

MINI Conversion Audit

A Color-by-Numbers Solution

I'll analyze your top three landing pages and give you a step-by-step solution to improve your conversion rate pronto.

Turn Time: 5 Business Days

Cost: $1997

Turn and Burn - Custom Sales Page

Optimized Sales Page, Check!

If need a custom landing or sales page created or re-written with a conversion optimization lens, this is the ideal solution to knock this task off your list.

Turn Time: 3 Business Days

Cost: $1497

Turn and Burn - 

Email Sequence

Nurture, Sell, and Onboard

Whether you're keeping leads warm, pushing for the sale, or onboarding a new group of customers this custom set of email templates will help you get the job done.

Turn Time: 3 Business Days

Cost: Coming Soon


Amanda Nielsen

Amanda Nielsen - Marketing Communications Manager, Boart Longyear

Sunny helped us get clear on how to use our budget efficiently and helped us increase our conversion rate by over 220%. Sunny offers suggestions to help us continue to optimize our budget and she gives us data-driven insights about our customers, two things that we haven't received from any other marketing partner.

Joe Turner

Joe Turner - Co-Founder, TaskEasy

Sunny's deep marketing knowledge and experience helped point us in the right direction and was a critical part of our early traction and first wave of substantial customer acquisition. She helped us increase our conversion rate by over 460% all while we were experiencing exponential growth. 

Chris Ross

Chris Ross - VP Analyst, CMO Strategy, Brand and Innovation, Gartner

Sunny gets connection. She understands how to align the needs of the business with the interests and needs of customers. Her approach is pragmatic and results-driven and her talents fit neatly into the culture of a modern marketing organization.

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