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Customer Segmentation Business Success

Why Customer Segmentation Is The Not-So-Secret Key To Your Business’ Success

Your customers are faced with a mind-numbingly wide array of purchase options, making it tough for your company to cut through the noise and convert anyone, let alone the customer segment who helps you reach your goals, faster. Time & Available Resources are Always Your Enemies. You’re always challenged to do more with less budget, thinly-spread resources […]

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Psychographic Segmentation Touchy Feely Customers

Psychographic Segmentation: Get Touchy-Feely With Your Customers

A lot of companies think they’re meeting customer needs, after all, they’re raking in the cash and the balance sheet looks healthy. Everything’s great! Then after a while the shock and surprise sets in; customers don’t come through the door at the rate they used to, product returns skyrocket or the “loyal” customers simply don’t […]

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